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Redesigning healthcare to reach 52% of the world

We are an insight-driven end-to-end health platform that partners with businesses, governments and social organisations to run targeted, scalable health campaigns in emerging markets, creating access for all.


Our Model

Data-driven. Human-powered.

Our platform converts data collected by our network of local Agents into impact-focused awareness, engagement, referral health campaigns and targeted distribution.

Our Platform
Understand emerging markets
Engage through targeted campaigns
Supply to local retailers
All-in-one platform

Collect data

Customise campaigns

Implement and track

Our platform
Collect data
Customise campaigns
Implement and track
Who We Work With

Our Partners

Our Network

Scalable. Targeted.

Our data across 2500 communities in six countries enable us to engage residents in high growth non-urban areas.

To scale fast, partners on the ground help us recruit Agents. Our growth network of over 850 Growth Partners across 65 countries enables us to reach emerging markets and new communities.

Growth Partners
Across 65 Countries
in Five Countries
South AfricaSouth Africa
Our Ecosystem

Joining the dots of healthcare access

Private Sector
Growth Partners and Government
Donors, Multilaterals and Non-profits

Our network of Agents on the ground are equipped with our app, reach52 access, and trained to collect data and then run targeted health campaigns.

Private Sector

We partner with leading businesses across a variety of industries to fund campaigns and drive engagement in a new growing segment.

Growth Partners and Government

We work closely with Growth Partners and Government in each community, complementing their network, resources and influence with our tech and expertise.

Donors, Multilaterals and Non-profits

We collaborate with leading non-profits, donors and multilateral organisations in different ways to develop data-driven, output-based public health campaigns.


Providing residents in low-middle-income countries with access to healthcare lies at the heart of everything we do.

Our App

Communities access a full range of health services

Even in low-connectivity areas

Our ‘offline-first’ platform, reach52 access, empowers Agents in communities to collect data, run campaigns and provide access to comprehensive, integrated health services.

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Our Impact

Creating jobs that enable
good health and wellbeing

Our Agents are paid per engagement and per order.
95% of them are female.

By training local women to manage the health of their own communities, we strengthen the community from the inside, creating an affordable healthcare ecosystem that integrates public and private sector.

reach52 impact

The humans at the heart of our platform

Putri Banyuwangi, 36
reach52 Agent
Bojonegara, Indonesia

“reach52 helps me make more friends and I can also help my community to be more aware of their health conditions. When I did the targeted screenings, I found many potential health problems in some people because they were afraid to go to the Puskesmas (Community health centre). reach52 gave me great training. When I was in college, I loved doing research and analysing data, and here with reach52, I can learn about new technologies whilst helping people.”

Keiyo North, Kenya

“I was happy that the Agent was entering my information in her mobile device. She also used it in interpreting the results of my nutrition screening! It was the very first time I’ve experienced a local health worker providing us a service using technology. I hope all Agents can be equipped with these tools.”

Maarten Kelder
SVP Strategy and Corporate Development
Zuellig Pharma

“reach52 brings together digital health, data and community empowerment to make healthcare more accessible in emerging markets in Asia.”