Our health platform for markets others don't reach

Our health tech platform enables access to a full range of health services in low-connectivity markets - from equipping health workers, screening and medical advice to a marketplace of affordable products, last-mile logistics and data analytics. Community members and health workers are equipped as field agents to manage and run the services – collaborating with governments and funded through business partnerships. And we partner with businesses (pharma, medtech, consumer health, financial services) to establish new scalable services, creating access and sustainable impact for all.

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We partner with Pharma, MedTech, Financial Services and Consumer Health organisations to establish new health services and expand access to their products in previously unreachable markets. By collaborating with reach52, organisations can translate their business and access strategies into scalable, sustainable, new models in new markets. Typically this starts by designing access solutions enabled by the reach52 platform, and then working with you to test, optimise and scale services based on insights from the ground. As a social business, we are committed to reinvesting a majority of our profits back to the communities to ensure the fulfilment of our purpose.

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Our Partners and Awards

“Together with reach52 we pioneer new digital solutions to drive healthcare access in low- and middle-income countries in Asia. We are driven by the goal to deliver our portfolio of high quality affordable medicines and health education programmes to hard-to-reach patient populations, building sustainable models through digital health and community-run services.”

Deborah Gildea, Head of Novartis Social Business Asia