Delivering health systems for the 52% of the world who can't access healthcare

We are building next generation healthcare systems for the 52% of the world who still can’t access healthcare. Through award-winning digital health, community empowerment and innovative public-private partnerships, we deliver affordable health services in areas where access is low or non-existent. We equip members of the community as Access Managers who use offline-first apps to provide health support and access to primary healthcare services. We work with governments, multi-laterals and development agencies to deliver highly targeted precision public health programmes, based on our analytics and insights into the needs of populations. We are reaching communities with the services they need most, accelerating progress towards universal health coverage for all.

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Innovative public-private partnerships are essential to achieving healthcare for all. We partner with Pharmaceutical, MedTech and Insurance companies to deliver affordable healthcare products and services to previously inaccessible communities. The system is powered by our mobile-enabled marketplace and logistics network, and teams of community-based agents. This is a fully sustainable model through which organisations can grow their business and reputation in low- and middle-income countries, whether that’s expanding access to medicines, health micro-insurance or diagnostic services. We are committed to reinvesting a majority of our profits back to the communities to ensure the fulfilment of our purpose.

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Our Partners and Awards

“Together with reach52 we pioneer new digital solutions to drive healthcare access in low- and middle-income countries in Asia. We are driven by the goal to deliver our portfolio of high quality affordable medicines and health education programmes to hard-to-reach patient populations, building sustainable models through digital health and community-run services.”

Deborah Gildea, Head of Novartis Social Business Asia