Affordable, accessible healthcare empowers communities to survive and thrive

Increasing UHC service coverage is associated with an increase of 21 years life expectancy. 25% of economic growth in low- and middle-income countries has been driven by improvements in health. Yet affordable health services still don’t reach 52% of the planet - that's over 3 billion people – resulting in lost lives and lost potential for communities, governments, business and
the world.

For all the talk of increasing access to medicines, progress is too slow. Digital health isn’t being adopted quickly enough - costs are increasing, approaches too siloed. Simply enhancing existing healthcare systems doesn’t go far enough for the world’s poorest communities. At reach52, we are reinventing how health systems work, establishing community-run health services and marketplaces that reach the 52% with affordable healthcare when and where they need it.

Watch this video to find out more about our affordable, accessible healthcare services for low- and middle-income countries.

reach52 provides an end-to-end healthcare access solution

reach52 is our not-for-profit service for communities, healthcare providers, governments, multi-laterals, and institutions.

We empower community members (in particular, women) as Access Managers who profile residents, provide regular support, and deliver public health programmes, enabled by our offline-first apps. Patients are connected to healthcare providers to ensure they get the right treatment at the right time, either at health centres or through outreach events. Through leveraging our analytics and insights into the health needs of populations, we partner with governments, multi-laterals and academic institutions to shape impactful public health strategies and programmes.

This approach strengthens government health systems, enabling chronic disease management for non-communicable diseases, along with programmes for infectious diseases and maternal & child health. As a result, we are providing access to the services that communities need so they can survive and thrive in the future.

reach52 for Business is our social enterprise arm, which works with private sector organizations (Pharmaceutical, MedTech and Diagnostics, and Insurance companies) to deliver products and services at affordable prices to previously inaccessible, low income communities.

We partner with the private sector to conduct research and analysis into what communities and health providers need, defining access strategies and plans. We agree discount prices and use our mobile-enabled marketplace and logistics network to deliver access to medicines, health micro-insurance and diagnostics. We equip community members as agents to run the marketplace and logistics sides of our operations, and then work with private sector partners to amplify impact on the ground through awareness campaigns, screening programmes and health worker education.

This is not a stop-gap solution, rather filling the gaps in traditional healthcare systems to establish a truly sustainable model for communities, governments and private sector organisations.

We bring together partners to deliver for the communities

Award-winning Digital Health Systems, powered by Offline-first Mobile Applications and Platforms

Our digital health system is powered by reach52’s proprietary technology platform, which has won awards, including the national UN World Summit Awards and Accenture’s HealthTech Innovation Challenge.