Delivering new ultrasound service for mothers in partnership with Philips

In this case study, we share how we partnered with Philips to design and implement a new ultrasound service in rural Philippines using the Philips Lumify.



  • Challenge
  • Approach
  • Impact

In the Philippines, maternal mortality rate is 121 deaths per 100,00 live births, still a far cry from the 2030 Sustainable Development Goal targets, with more than 11 mothers still dying every day.


Quality antenatal care is essential for ensuring a health pregnancy for mothers and their babies. Essential to this is access to affordable ultrasound services to check the baby’s development and identify any complications.


Unfortunately, typically only private clinics provide ultrasounds in rural regions in the Philippines, which are too expensive and too far away for over 80% of parents in rural communities.


The goal was to design and implement innovative health solutions that enabled expectant mothers to undergo the recommended ultrasound before 24 week of their pregnancy, and ensure timely treatment of any risks.


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