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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

We always have a formal government partnership in our markets, helping to understand the gaps in existing health services. We prioritise areas that reach52 can support, then integrate to deliver our services (e.g. the government might provide medical resources, facilities for us to run events and store medicine stocks). We co-design all services based on our upfront data collection and insights.

We focus on areas where there is low or no access to healthcare. We prioritise them based on income levels, inability to access traditional clinics and pharmacies, government support and buy-in for innovation. We also work through existing NGOs and other community-based organisations implementing our service with embedded partners already on-the-ground. We are not a charity; as a sustainable social business model, we work with lower-middle income communities where residents earn over $3 a day. These are typically households in the ‘missing middle’, who are earning a bit too much to qualify for government social protection schemes, but still face significant health access barriers.

We provide a full range of offerings through our reach52 access tech platform. This includes patient and customer engagement, community health worker capacity and capability, education, screening, data collection and analytics, e-commerce for the last mile, supply chain management, evidence generation and strategy & insight to deliver partners’ access, social and business priorities.


Not yet. We equip Agents to use our ‘offline-first’ mobile app to run and manage the services in these communities. However, we do provide direct-to-patient services such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp health chatbots, Facebook community groups for education, engagement and peer support. We are planning to build a direct-to-resident app over time. 


Yes. Agents are contracted staff of reach52 and paid in-line with local market rate salaries based on the outputs they deliver.


reach52 is a business, which means that we seek to achieve social impact supported by a sustainable for-profit business model. Business partners fund campaigns, and pay for the outputs delivered. We take a small percentage on products purchased and delivered through our marketplace service to sustain operations and reinvest this back in the business. Grants and competition funding is applied for in areas of strategic priority to catalyse innovations and accelerate our growth.