Frequently Asked Questions

How do you work with the government?

We always start with a formal government partnership, helping understand where they struggle to deliver health services. We prioritise areas that reach52 can support, then share resources to deliver our programmes (e.g. the government might provide medical resources, or facilities for us to run events and store medicine stocks). We co-design all programmes based on our upfront data collection and insights.

How do you choose the sites?

We focus on areas where there is low or no access to healthcare. We prioritise them based on income levels, inability to access traditional clinics and pharmacies, government support and buy-in for innovation, and income levels. We also work through existing NGOs in certain regions, implementing our service with embedded partners already on-the-ground.

What services do you provide?

We provide community health data collection and analysis, public health events, door-to-door campaigns, screening campaigns, and appointment booking, as well as facilitating rural clinics and telehealth connections to primary care support. We also help navigate health financing, other non-profit programmes, and work with a range of non-commercial partners to help them deploy their programmes through the reach52 network.

Do patients use apps directly?

Not yet. We train women in the communities we serve to use our apps – our Access Managers. The residents in these communities engage with the Access Managers, who provide health support services and facilitate our programmes. However, we are starting to work on Facebook Messenger bots for patients and community members to engage with our service and get health information, enquire about local services and a range of other topics.

Are Access Managers paid?

Yes. Community health workers are often undervalued, and we don’t believe this is sustainable. They are contracted staff of reach52 and paid in-line with local market rate salaries.

Where does the funding come from?

reach52’s funding is from grants and various awards. reach52 for business is run as a social business, providing a sustainable revenue stream that is not dependent upon grants or donations.