How the model works for medicines and diagnostics
Equip members of community as Access Managers and Agents
Access managers register & profile residents via access app
Regular check-ups & screening for residents
Targeted health policy and programmes for populations through data-driven insight
Connect to HCPs for diagnosis and treatment at centers or via outreach
CHWs and HCPs equipped through capability platform
Residents gives prescription to Community Agent
Agent takes picture , selects meds and confirms order via marketplace app
Cash / mobile payment using micro-insurance
Use reach52 logistics platform to transport from pharmacy to different agent
Agent receives order and delivers via access point
SMS reminders: pick up, keep taking, re-order
Re-order via access point with agent
Personalized health advice via mobile to keep on treatment
How we work with our partners
We work with partners to design health access programmes and build services that connect communities to healthcare, enabling UHC and SDGs, through our 4i approach
  • Planning and scoping, including project milestones, responsibilities, and risk mitigation
  • Sharing experience, information and insights into the challenge
  • Establishing objectives (impact, outcomes, outputs) and appropriate KPIs
  • Exploring and evaluating different methodologies and models based on our expertise
  • Co-creating the appropriate approach and model for the health access challenge
  • Involving partners and stakeholders to develop and agree to solutions, including government relations and regulatory analysis
  • Implementing the reach52 healthcare model and solutions in communities
  • Continuously monitoring performance vs KPIs, and through 'ground-truthing' sharing of feedback from on-the-ground teams
  • Optimising implementation of plans and execution based on data analysis and insight
  • Full evaluation of initiative against impact framework (outputs, outcomes, impact) and report recommendations for scaling and amplifying effectiveness.