Pharma & MedTech

Pharmaceutical and MedTech organizations are continuing to advance their access to healthcare approaches. There is increased commitment to expanding access to medicines and diagnostics through corporate strategies, innovation through new models of care in emerging markets, and a greater focus on R&D for low- and middle-income country needs. There is also greater industry transparency, such the Access to Medicine Index which analyses how pharmaceutical companies are addressing access to medicine in 106 low- and middle-income countries.

There remain major gaps in access to health products and services across many countries, and much still to be done. However, increasingly there are committed pharma and medtech organisations striving to address this gap through their business, access and sustainability strategies.

Who we work with

High-value partnerships are more important than ever before, and our work with reach52 shows how this might be done efficiently and effectively.

Anne Stake, Head of Strategy and Innovation at Medtronic LABS

Together with reach52 we pioneer new digital solutions to drive healthcare access in low- and middle-income countries in Asia. We are driven by the goal to deliver our portfolio of high-quality affordable medicines and health education programmes to hard-to-reach patient populations, building sustainable models through digital health and community-run services.

Deborah Gildea, (former) Head of Novartis Social Business Asia

At reach52, our focus is on partnering with pharma and medtech leaders to translate their strategies into outcomes and impact in markets that they can’t otherwise reach. We provide a range of products through our platform – patient and customer engagement, health and medical services, access and supply chain, and data and insights. Organisations either collaborate with us to implement solutions in specific areas or across all product areas through integrated models of care for target patient populations.

Our Products

Patient and Customer Engagement

Disease area and brand awareness integrated campaigns

Prevention & health education programmes

Health and Medical Services

Health worker capacity and capability

Community screening and referrals

Patient support & management

Access and Supply Chain

Market and pricing analysis

Income assessment

Supply chain design & management

Data and Insight

Disease area and brand awareness integrated campaigns

Prevention & health education programmes

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