Impact Framework
We are a data-driven organisation that continuously monitors and optimises the performance of our programmes. This is focused on measurement and evaluation at three key levels, to ultimately deliver health impact and a commercially sustainable model for communities, governments and private sector organisations.
  • Level 1: Outputs
    Through our 'REACH' end-to-end healthcare solutions that deliver target outputs
    - Robust products and services (e.g % profiled)
    - Engagement programs (e.g % reached/engaged)
    - Affordable solutions (e.g price decreases)
    - Connected channels (e.g access stations/managers per resident)
    - Health worker empowerment (e.g HWs equipped)
  • Level 2: Outcome
    By motivating communities to be healthier, get regular checkups, get the right treatment and stay on it for as long as it's required.
  • Level 3: Impact
    Ultimately impact the health of the communities we serve in line with the UN's Sustainable Development Goal measures. This includes establishing a commercialy sustainable model for communities, governments and private sector organizations.
Our Priority Impact Areas
We prioritise four impact areas aligned to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals – Non-communicable diseases, Infectious diseases, Maternal and Child Healthcare, and Affordability & Access. This underpins everything we do.

We apply our impact framework to the work we do across these disease areas and work with partners to set and monitor the most relevant KPIs for their programmes. To find out more about the impact we’re delivering, check out our latest case studies.