Our response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Strong health systems in developed economies have been pushed to the limit by the COVID-19 pandemicOur communities in low- and middle-income countries have far weaker health systems and needed fast action   

We acted quickly to accelerate new and existing digital health services to combat COVID-19 – the disease itself, the barriers it has created to essential health services on the ground, and the broader economic consequences for people’s livelihoods. Our focus has been to not only protect against COVID-19 now, but work with partners to strengthen primary healthcare systems for the future.  

This has included…  

  • Equipping thousands of community health workers to combat COVID-19 and other health conditions through our reach52 mediconnect platform.  
  • Expanding our reach52 marketplace of affordable medicines, insurance and health products for more communities, including launching into India
  • Delivering a new teledoctor service for remote consultations and prescriptions in the Philippines.  
  • Launching health chatbots in India, Cambodia, The Philippines, Senegal and Kenya, including a COVID-19 Information and Symptom Checker to help prevent community transmission and save lives.  

New solutions combatting health challenges during the pandemic  

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reach52 COVID-19 Solutions

We’re moving fast to expand existing services and fast-track new solutions to combat COVID-19 now and strengthen health systems for the future. Watch this 3 minute video to find out how.

reach52’s COVID-19 Information and Symptom Checker ​


Overcoming misinformation and enabling communities to accurately check their symptoms is critical to a fast, effective COVID-19 response. If people know the facts and check their symptoms, they can be guided on when it’s necessary to isolate themselves, visit health facilities, or continue to follow recommended practices to slow the spread of the disease. ​​

We have launched our COVID-19 Information and Symptom Checker to support communities in lower income countries. This simple-to-use chatbot is based on approved guidelines and available to use free through Facebook and Facebook Messenger


You can use it by clicking there…

Build for COVID-19 hackathon

We joined over +18,000 innovators for the #BuildforCOVID19 global online hackathon organised by the World Health Organization (WHO) and tech giants such as Facebook and Microsoft.

We’re grateful that reach52’s COVID-19 solutions were amongst the top projects highlighted by the panel (based on their viability and scalability), supporting our work to scale these solutions rapidly for communities with urgent COVID-19 needs.

Find out more about reach52’s solutions and other highlighted projects here.

COVID-19 Global Tracker

Monitoring COVID-19 data globally is important to support and optimize the effectiveness of responses to the pandemic.

COVID-19 helpful articles and resources


Adapt and act to protect lower income countries during COVID-19

Public health experts have long warned of the likelihood of a high-impact acute respiratory pandemic. Even as China experienced a major crisis related to COVID-19 beginning in January 2020, other countries failed to use the time to adequately prepare.  Now, with 225,237 cases and 9,276 deaths (as of March 19th), it is an emergency that will affect every single person on our planet.