Our Health Platform

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of technologies across global health, and digital health is essential to building health systems that work everywhere. But the reality is many digital health solutions don’t work effectively in low-connectivity, non-urban areas.

Our reach52 access health tech platform enables a full range of health services through ‘offline-first’ applications that work on basic mobile phones in even low-connectivity regions. The data can then be synced when back online at specific locations or through peer to peer syncing.”


Our ‘offline-first’ platform for low-connectivity markets​

We equip community health workers and members as agents with the apps to enrol users, collect data, run health services, and promote products needed in markets – based on insights from our data analytics. 90% of our agents are female, one of the ways we support UN SDG 5 (“Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls”)


We then partner with healthcare organisations and businesses to translate their business and social strategies into repeatable, scalable health services in target markets, enabled by the reach52 access platform, our agent network and access to healthcare expertise.



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