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Our Impact

reach52 aims to reach 52% of the world without access to healthcare.

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Our Agents collect data from each community upfront.

By doing so, we know where there are gaps, and can target specific people with specific campaigns and offers.

We measure our impact

  • campaign engagement (generally reach over 90% of targets)
  • increased knowledge and competency of Agents trained (target: at least 80% improvement)
  • percentage of community needs that we fill (target: at least 80% of the needs identified through our data)
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Diaibetes Campaign

Our partners, across public and private sector, are essential in helping us create impact.

We work with them to drive our targeted engagements, and collect a range of indicators to help measure the efficacy and impact of our campaigns.

  • sales volumes
  • health outcomes
  • customer satisfaction scores

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