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Pharmaceutical and MedTech organizations are continuing to evolve and advance their access-to-medicine approach. In many organizations, there is commitment to expanding patient access and social impact through the corporate strategy, sustainability programmes, greater focus on R&D for low- and middle-income country needs, and broader adoption of practices such as voluntary licensing agreements.

reach52 works with Pharmaceutical and MedTech organizations to translate their social impact goals and access-to-medicine strategies into tangible programmes and impact in low- and middle-income countries. Powered by our unrivalled applications and analytics, we invent and implement sustainable access solutions for medicines and diagnostics that work in these lower-income, remote settings.

What we offer
We provide strategic consultancy, incubate and test new programmes, and scale these solutions into fully sustainable models to deliver health impact for underserved communities, and grow your business into previously unreachable populations. Check out our work with Pharmaceutical and MedTech organisations here.

Our Solutions

Insight and Analytics
Patient/Market Access
Precision Public Health
Government Relations
Design Programme
Deliver Programme
Test and Learn
Embed Solutions
Expand Solutions
Monitor and Optimise

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