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Understand emerging markets
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next gen app

Next-gen app for digitally dark communities

reach52 access is an offline-first app designed to support our Agents, enabling access to a full range of health services for their community.

Designed to unlock new markets

Designed to unlock new markets

Many digital health solutions do not work effectively in emerging markets. reach52 access is designed to address this gap, optimised to work on basic mobile phones where there’s no access to stable internet.



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Agents collect key health and demographic data from residents in communities
Campaign Activation
Using the residents’ data profiles, we filter cohorts of people to reach and run targeted campaigns, addressing pressing needs in the community
Track Outcomes
Agents run targeted screenings and health events, provide education and training, manage sales and referrals and
collect key insights

Data-driven. Human-powered.

Our platform converts data collected by our network of local Agents
into impact-focused awareness, engagement and referral health campaigns.