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We believe in the power of innovative public-private partnerships to deliver sustainable, affordable healthcare solutions in lower income countries.

By partnering with private sector organisations (Pharma, MedTech, Insurance), we provide access to medicines, health micro-insurance and diagnostics that communities need. Private sector organizations are increasing their focus on the more than three billion people who can’t currently access affordable healthcare, not only because it’s the right thing to do, growing their corporate reputation, but also because it represents a huge, unrealized market for their products and services in low- to middle-income countries. Unfortunately, organisations are often limited by traditional go-to-market models and inadequate supply and distribution chains. This is where reach52 comes in. We provide robust data, analysis and insights into the needs of these communities. This data-driven understanding is applied to create pricing and market access strategies and patient experience programmes for your portfolio in this low- and middle-income setting. Through our partnerships and agreements in the countries where we operate, we also co-ordinate and align initiatives with government stakeholders to achieve shared goals. With the programme strategy and design in place, we work with you to test, optimize and scale access programmes to amplify impact for the communities and your organisation.

What we offer
We provide strategic consultancy, incubate new solutions, and scale these solutions into fully sustainable models to deliver health impact for underserved communities, and grow your business into previously unreachable populations.

Our Solutions

Insight and Analytics
Patient/Market Access
Precision Public Health
Government Relations
Design Programme
Deliver Programme
Test and Learn
Embed Solutions
Expand Solutions
Monitor and Optimise

“Current public healthcare delivery models remain inadequate to cope with the growing needs in developing economies, in particular in rural and remote communities. reach52 enables a transformative healthcare model and ecosystem for these communities globally. Their innovative model applies digital technologies to curate and coordinate fragmented providers of healthcare services, and importantly embeds healthcare knowledge and competencies within the communities themselves.”

Andrew Buay
Vice President, Group Sustainability, Singtel

“reach52 brings together digital health, data analytics and community empowerment to make healthcare more accessible for emerging markets in Asia. We are looking forward to working closely with them on programmes to provide affordable and quality healthcare to rural areas in the Philippines.”

Maarten Kelder
SVP Strategy & Corporate Development, Zuellig Pharma

“Together with reach52 (former Allied World Healthcare) we pioneer new digital solutions to drive healthcare access in low- and middle-income countries in Asia. We are driven by the goal to deliver our portfolio of high quality affordable medicines and health education programs to hard-to-reach patient populations, building sustainable models through digital health and community-run services.”

Deborah Gildea
Head of Novartis Social Business Asia

Typical challenges that people come to us with…

  • 01 How can we distribute our products and services to these hard-to-reach communities?
  • 02 How can we test and evaluate new access models for our products and services?
  • 03 How can we improve the affordability and availability of our portfolio for low- and middle-income countries?
  • 04 How can we design our pricing and access strategies for these low- and middle-income communities?
  • 05 How can we drive awareness and adherence in these low- and middle-income communities?
  • 06 How can we expand access for the uninsured and unbanked in low- and middle-income countries?