We partner with governments, multi-laterals and non-profits to make healthcare solutions go further into communities where access is low to non-existent.

In practice, this involves equipping women in communities to be Access Managers, who use our offline-apps to profile the health of residents, run services and support in delivering community-based care. Using our data-driven insights into the needs of these populations, we deliver personalised access to healthcare support and community programmes (e.g. prevention, screening, disease management, rural clinics). By leveraging analytics and on-the-ground learnings, we then scale these solutions into fully sustainable healthcare models and service delivery systems, accelerating progress to universal healthcare coverage for countries. The effectiveness of health systems is too often limited by a lack of resources, infrastructure and traditional models. reach52’s data-driven and digital health platform transforms the accessibility and affordability of health services whilst reducing expenditure. We achieve this by combining award-winning mobile apps and platforms with community empowerment and innovative public-private partnerships.

“Current public healthcare delivery models remain inadequate to cope with the growing needs in developing economies, in particular in rural and remote communities. reach52 enables a transformative healthcare model and ecosystem for these communities globally. Their innovative model applies digital technologies to curate and coordinate fragmented providers of healthcare services, and importantly embeds healthcare knowledge and competencies within the communities themselves”

Andrew Buay
Vice President, Group Sustainability at Singtel

Our reach52 healthcare solutions

We deliver affordable health services to communities where health access is low or non-existent.
Equipping members of local communities as Access Managers…
Digital use offline-first apps to provide health support and access to primary healthcare...
...working with the private sector to access free-or-affordable products
What we offer
We provide strategic research and consultancy, incubate new solutions, and scale them into fully sustainable service delivery models to deliver impact for countries, communities and partners.

Our Solutions

Insight and Analytics
Patient/Market Access
Precision Public Health
Government Relations
Design Programme
Deliver Programme
Test and Learn
Embed Solutions
Expand Solutions
Monitor and Optimise

Typical challenges that people come to us with…

  • 01 How can we distribute these medicines to these hard-to-reach communities?
  • 02 How can we equip Community Health Workers to support last-mile delivery of affordable health services?
  • 03 How can we test and scale new access to healthcare models for our populations?
  • 04 How can we improve access to medicines and health services for our populations?
  • 05 How can we more accurately understand the health needs of our remote populations?
  • 06 How can we deliver outreach programmes to drive awareness and prevention?