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United Nations World Summit Awards

Allied World Healthcare is pleased to announce that Curis has won the Singapore nomination for the prestigious United Nations World Summit Awards under the Health & Wellbeing category! Curis will now be representing Singapore for the global World Summit Awards, with results released in December 2018.

The United Nations World Summit Awards (UN-WSA) is an awards system that selects and promotes local digital innovation with high impact on society all over the world. For 15 years, “WSA has become a quality seal for digital content with societal impact in over 180 participating countries”. For this year’s awards, Curis is competing with over 400 digital innovations from all over the world.

Curis is AWH’s core platform an offline-first Android application that is used for the organisation’s grassroots healthcare service delivery. Its first version was an online platform, designed and built in partnership with different global technology companies. However, as AWH is determined to deliver in the remotest parts of the world the platform was redesigned, rebuilt and released. Now, Curis 2.0 runs on low-spec Android devices fully offline, and can be used in disconnected and remote areas. It provides health information, education articles, and community engagement (such as appointments booking and event management). There is a web portal for healthcare leaders and providers to coordinate their service delivery and view data dashboards about their population’s healthcare needs.