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What are pharmaceutical companies doing to expand access to insulin, and how can efforts be scaled up?

The number of people with diabetes worldwide is expected to reach 643 million by 2030, and 783 million by 2045 - rising most rapidly in low-and-middle income countries (LMICs), where there is stark inequity in access to insulin. This report highlights the urgent actions that companies, governments and their partners can take to provide patients in resource-limited settings with the choice of treatment they deserve. 

These include 

  • - Scaling up and diversifying the global insulin market 
  • - The unrealised potential of biosimilar insulins in expanding access to insulin 

Biocon aims for its biosimilar insulins to reach one in five insulin-dependent people with diabetes globally. To achieve this, they launched their ‘Mission 10 cents’ strategy, committing to offer its human insulins for less than USD 10 cents per day from vials directly sourced from Biocon Biologics by governments in LMICs. 

The programme has been launched in the Philippines, in partnership with reach52, covering programme implementation and logistics required to provide last-mile delivery of insulins at a price aligned to Biocon’s Mission 10 cents. 

Read it here and download the full report for more about the strategies to overcome barriers to access, areas where progress has been made, and opportunities for future action.