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Expansion of reach52’s insurance services into Cambodia

reach52 has now expanded its affordable insurance services into Cambodia, following on from our successful launch in the Philippines at the end of 2019.

Previously uninsured and unbanked individuals in Siem Reap province are now able to order these insurance plans through the reach52 marketplace service, which also delivers affordable medicines and consumer health products. For the initial roll out, we partnered with Forte and Prevoir Kampuchea to expand access for their insurance products into these previously inaccessible rural markets through our established sales and marketing channels in these communities.

Over the last two decades, Cambodia has achieved significant economic growth and progress on key health indicators including maternal and child health and infectious diseases such as HIV, TB and malaria. However, out-of-pocket expenditures remain high, at 60% of total health expenditure overall. The implications in rural areas can be particularly catastrophic, with people forced to sell assets and borrow money from local lenders at extremely high interest rates to try to pay for medical expenses for their families. By making simple insurance plans affordable and accessible for rural populations, individuals can avoid this catastrophic expenditure and protect their families’ future.

Unfortunately, this is not a uniquely Cambodia problem, with the WHO estimating that in 2020, approximately 1 billion people (almost 13 per cent of the global population) will be spending at least 10% of their household budgets on health care. The situation is likely to be compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic, with the World Bank estimating almost 50 million more people will be pushed into extreme poverty this year. However, there is cause for optimism with many financial services organisations increasing their focus on ‘uninsured and unbanked’ populations across the world, reaching new customers with urgent needs.

As Rich Bryson, reach52’s Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer comments, “Catastrophic health expenditure is still too common in the emerging rural markets we operate in, causing devastation for families. Reaching more communities with the affordable insurance they need is central to our expansion plans, and we’re collaborating with partners to scale our insurance services faster across South and South East Asia”.

reach52 is partnering with many leading organisations (Insurance, Pharma, MedTech and Consumer Health) to expand access and grow their portfolio into previously unreachable rural markets across South and South East Asia. If you’re interested in partnering, please just get in contact.


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