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Local support and buy-in

We work closely with government in the communities we operate in, complementing their network and influence with our tech and partnerships.

Growth Partners

Get funding and tech

We collaborate with experienced Growth Partners with existing network and relationships on the ground to build our network of digitally-equipped Agents across emerging markets.

reach52 Local support and buy-in

Apply to be a Growth Partner

reach52 is seeking expressions of interest from established Growth Partners (which can include community-based organisations, such as NGOs, socially-minded private sector firms, and civil society organisations) to help us recruit and train agents.

By partnering with us, you can use our award-winning tech to support the delivery of your other programs, whilst connecting underserved populations to affordable healthcare services and products.

You get funding to do this.

Our Growth Partner model

Phase 1


Growth Partners recruit local network of Agents from target communities, facilitate trainings and equip with reach52 access Android app.
Campaign implementation
Phase 2

Community onboarding

Agents sign up residents and collect health and demographic data.
Community onboarding
Phase 3

Campaign implementation

Activation of campaigns focusing on awareness, education, screening or referrals.

Target communities

  • As a sustainable social business model, reach52 is seeking to implement in less urban communities where residents earn over $3 per day.
  • We are seeking to engage households in the ‘missing middle’, who are earning just a bit too much to qualify for government social protection schemes, yet still face significant health access barriers.
Target Communities

Results-based funding

reach52 supports our Growth Partners through a result-based funding model. Unlike traditional grant-based funders, we fund our partners for specific outputs achieved, according to pre-agreed fees. This approach provides partners with scalable funding, and incentivises impact. No upfront funding is provided. Rather, Growth Partners and Agents earn monthly revenue based on their completed sign ups and engagements that month.

On-demand implementation

We are seeking Growth Partners capable of implementing our campaigns on-demand. These organisations should lightly manage their network of reach52 Agents in between campaigns, convening them to implement campaigns as required.

Funding outputs will vary based on partner and geography, but may include compensation for activities such as:

  • Each local resident onboarded to reach52 access (sign-up)
  • Each Agent trained
  • Each engagement complete

Benefits to Growth Partners

reach52 provides Growth Partners with both financial and in-kind support:

  • Performance-based, sustainable funding
  • Free use of reach52 access platform
  • Training and ongoing implementation support
  • Support for third-party grant development

Benefits to communities

  • Reduced out-of-pocket spending and improved access to affordable medicines, consumer health products, and micro-insurance plans
  • Upskilling and digitisation of frontline Agents
  • Micro-entrepreneurial opportunities for the community

The partners we want

  • Campaigns are currently run across Indonesia, India, Kenya, South Africa and the Philippines. Currently also scouting organisations who can implement in Bangladesh, and Pakistan.
  • A broad focus on providing support and services relating to health, livelihoods; micro-entrepreneurialism, or rural development
  • Legally registered organisations with existing community operations in non-urban regions
  • Organisational experience or interest in implementing social business models and digital interventions is valued
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Application Deadline

Q2 application deadline: June 30, 2024

Applicants are encouraged to apply early, as applications will be assessed as received. Due to the anticipated volume of submissions, only successful applicants will be contacted for follow-up.

For questions, please email