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Redesigning healthcare to reach 52% of the world without essential healthcare access

Powered by an insight-driven platform and supported by an established network of Agents, reach52 partners with businesses, governments and social organisations to deliver targeted, scalable and data-driven health campaigns across low-and-middle income countries.

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The Problem

52% of the world still can’t access essential health services. That’s 4.5 billion people.

Typically, they live in regions with no or poor access to skilled health workers, education, diagnostics, medicines, vaccinations and health insurance.

There are billions of people in emerging markets that need these products and services.

Our Goal

We are building a new kind of business. 

We look to reinvest 52% of our profits into our mission and champion a fairer structure through progressive capitalism and our aim of having a portion of our company owned by our employees and health workers.

Our People

Our team works across seven countries, with diverse expertise in healthcare, tech, data insights, community engagement, social services and strategy.

reach52 is headquartered in Singapore and supports global partners through teams and Agents currently in the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Kenya and South Africa.

Our Vision

Affordable healthcare for anyone on earth.

Our Culture

Scalable impact

We build to scale, focusing on building a platform that can achieve social impact, commercial success and transformative
health outcomes.

Scalable impact

Win in collaboration

We build bridges across stakeholders, joining the dots of healthcare to achieve robust execution across public, private and nonprofit partners in areas others can’t.

Win in collaboration

Igniting change
requires grit

Tackling health inequities despite the challenges faced is hard, and it takes time and perseverance to edge the market in our direction.

Igniting change requires grit

Frugal innovation

We think big and challenge the status quo, innovating through tech and partnerships to bring sustainable, market-oriented health services to underserved communities.

Frugal innovation

Take ownership

We build the future we want and the access to healthcare that the world needs. We take on challenges others don’t and play to win.

Take ownership