Who we are

52% of the world still can’t access essential health services. Typically, they live in regions in low- and middle-income countries with no or poor access to the skilled health workers, education, diagnostics, medicines, vaccinations and health insurance they need.

The result is disability, mortality and lost opportunity – for the communities, but also for the world. There are billions of people in emerging health markets with needs for products and services that aren’t being met.

We’re a tech social enterprise working relentlessly to connect the 52% to the accessible health services they need. Powered by our ‘offline-first’ reach52 access platform, our networks of community agents and public-private sector partnerships, we’re delivering health services in the markets others don’t reach.


To reach 52% of the world with accessible health services



Affordable healthcare within reach of everyone on earth



Trailblazing a new way

When others say ‘We can’t because’… we say but ‘We can if’. And if we’re not failing sometimes, we know we’re not trying hard enough.

Empowering People

We empower the people in the communities to manage the health of their communities. Everything we do puts their needs first to create affordable healthcare that lasts.

Restless for change

Billions on earth still can’t access healthcare. We’re restless to change this, dissatisfied with the status quo and impatient for progress.

Walking the talk

We believe actions speak louder than words. We’ll always be honest with you and we’ll always strive to do what we say we will.

Where we work

We support global partners through teams and agents in Singapore, India, the Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Kenya and the UK. Our offices operate as hubs for health services across South and Southeast Asia, as well as other regions where our health platform can be used to deliver impact.


We establish and scale services in new regions through our “Growth Partner model”, recruiting existing community-based organisations, and equipping them with our platform to manage the health services needed.

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