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Latest on reach52’s COVID-19 response

Strong health systems in developed economies have been pushed to the limit by COVID-19. Systems in low- and middle-communities are much weaker and not prepared, so we’ve acted quickly to accelerate new and existing digital services to combat COVID-19 in rural Asia and the strengthening of primary health systems, which was used by +6,000 people in its first week based on only $5 daily Facebook ad spend.

We collected data about health needs and COVID-19 risk factors to enable surveillance and case tracking. A risk algorithm was applied to population data to identify ‘at risk’ patients, and we’re now working with governments to deliver targeted interventions.  

Given on-the-ground restrictions, we have expanded our remote, digital services. We built and launched our COVID-19 Information and Symptom checker chatbot, which has been used by +6,000 people in a week based on only $5 daily Facebook ad spend and is now being rolled out to +10 countries. To upskill frontline community health workers for COVID-19, we also developed a health worker education app with ‘on-the-job’ resources and tools,  

Additionally, we continue to work with partners to distribute essential medicines, diagnostics and insurance through our digital marketplace and logistics network.  

Watch these short clips from our CEO, Edward Booty, explaining the challenge and the scaling of digital health systems needed.