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reach52 collaborates with UNICEF Innovation to build fintech for the 52%

We’re excited to be collaborating with UNICEF Innovation to build fintech for the 52% of the world who can’t access traditional health services. Improving financial protection for low- and middle-income countries is a key to delivering health for all, and we already provide affordable insurance to rural communities across India, Cambodia and the Philippines.  

Since 2016, we have improved access to medicines, microinsurance and other health services in over 1,000 communities. These families have enjoyed improved savings and convenience by avoiding the cost of traveling to and from urban centers to access health products. 

Globally 1 billion people are still spending at least 10% of their household budgets on healthcare. 
In the Philippines, more than of 70% adults remain unbanked, resulting in the majority of all health spending in the country being out-of-pocket. Data show that conventional channels for financial and health services do not provide effective coverage for families in rural, remote areas. 

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