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Allied World Healthcare re-launches as reach52

We are delighted to announce that from November 2019, we are changing our name from Allied World Healthcare to reach52. The new name and identity are the start of a dynamic, next phase of global growth, driven by our purpose to make healthcare go further, so every community can thrive.

Over the past 3 years, we have partnered with governments, NGOs, and the private sector to deliver accessible, affordable healthcare in low- and middle-income communities where previously there was no healthcare at all. Our work has been powered by award-winning apps and platforms, innovative public-private partnerships, and equipping community members to run services for their communities. We are proud of the impact that has been achieved, connecting over fifty communities to primary healthcare services they couldn’t access before, delivering health outreach programmes and a range of other support. And these are not stop-gap solutions. Through working with the communities, governments and NGOs, as well as innovative businesses such as Novartis, Gilead, IQVIA, and Facebook, we are establishing fully sustainable health system models that benefit everyone.

But we also believe progress towards UHC and access to healthcare for all is too slow. Affordable health services still don’t reach 52% of people on the planet… that’s over 3 billion people. Lost lives and lost potential for communities, governments, business and the world. Digital health isn’t being adopted quickly enough. Costs are increasing. Simply enhancing existing healthcare systems doesn’t go far enough for the communities without essential healthcare services. As reach52, we’ll continue to pursue new and better ways to deliver affordable healthcare for the 52%. Inventing and implementing new digital health solutions for low- and middle-income countries, harnessing data to drive precision public health, and forging new partnerships to provide access to affordable medicines, diagnostics and health insurance that communities need.

‘Words can’t describe how far we have come in the past two years, more than I ever thought possible, and I am so proud of our team and partners for making this happen. However, we are just getting started. reach52 represents what we have become, and our ambition to build solutions that can connect 52% of the world to healthcare support. Systemic change is needed to achieve this, and that’s what we’re going to deliver’ says Ed Booty, reach52’s CEO and Founder.

Going forward, reach52 will be organised into reach52 and reach52 for business. reach52 empowers community members as Access Managers who use offline-first apps to provide health support and connect residents to the treatment they need. Through our data-driven insights into the needs of communities, we also work with governments and NGOs to shape targeted, effective healthcare strategies and programmes.

reach52 for Business is our social business arm, which works with private sector organisations (Pharmaeutical, MedTech, and Insurance companies) to deliver heath products and services at affordable prices to previously inaccessible communities. This is powered by our mobile-enabled marketplace and logistics network, and teams of community-based agents on the ground.