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Curis Launch

Allied World Healthcare is pleased to announce that our core platform, Curis, is now live! Curis is a brand-new and bespoke digital healthcare platform for emerging markets; addressing the many of the challenges faced in low-connectivity, disconnected and offline environments.

AWH has built and tested the system; engaging with a vast number of partner organisations and broader users to ensure the system meets core requirements and is intuitive and usable in real-world scenarios.

At its core, Curis delivers:

  • Health profiling, screening and symptom logging/checking
  • A support marketplace of external services
  • Events management, for local community health events
  • Appointment booking and scheduling
  • A basic health record and medicines log
  • Access control, letting users and their care workers share and control who can see records
  • Communications, spanning chat to sending audio/video notes
  • External communications gateway (emails, and soon SMS)
  • Data collection, reporting and public health risk scoring
  • All basic admin functions and a number of helpful features for users, such as calendars, FAQs and the ability to request support on a range of issue

This market-leading platform has been designed specifically for the limitations of the communities in which AWH works – notably low bandwidth internet, lower rates of digital literacy, and the need for low operational costs.

The platform is now being configured for the Philippines, with roll outs planned through 2018 and beyond.

Edward Booty, CEO of AWH, said: “This is a huge step in our development, and we would like to thank NUS and our broader partners for their fantastic effort, support and funding for this project”.

Tamsin Greulich-Smith, Chief of NUS’s Smart Health Leadership Centre, said “working with Allied World Healthcare to develop the software platform that will facilitate access to healthcare services for remote communities has provided tremendous experiential learning for our Master of Technology Software Engineering students. Furthermore, this research and development opportunity has allowed our students to appreciate the impact their technical skills can potentially have on people’s lives. Using technology for good makes everyone feel good!”